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Contact EdSupportUk using their website or telephone helpline: the UK charity dedicated lớn supporting the mental health & wellbeing of education staff in schools, colleges & universities.

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Browse this fantastic danh mục of không tính tiền online CPD: videos, courses, blogs, all curated by our very own Kathryn Morgan.

A selection of không lấy phí videos as schools return

In response khổng lồ schools transitioning bachồng from remote learning, TDT is releasing some of our member-only content for the duration of this period, absolutely không tính tiền.

11-Apr-2020: Online PD experts Brent Philpsen (Vrije University, Brussels) and Cat Scutt (Chartered College of Teaching) explored how we support teachers with online professional development.

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9-Jul-2020: Karen Giles, headteacher of Barđắm say School & an NLE, explored how to find time for ourselves as leaders, especially during the pandemic.

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7-Apr-2020: tác giả & international speaker, Christian van Nieuwerbugh, joined us khổng lồ present ideas on coaching staff online.

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7-Jan-2021: TDT CEO, David Weston và Cat Scutt from the Chartered College of Teaching discuss planning online CPD for your staff: learning lessons from the past 10 months.

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20-Jan-2021: Mal CPD Director, Mal Krishnasamy joins David Weston khổng lồ discuss ‘Leading for effective communication during hybrid teaching: Bridging the gap between in-person và online teamwork’.

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26-Jan-2021: Education Support UK CEO, Sinéad Mc Brearty and Greenshaw Learning Trust Regional Director, Ben Parnell explore ‘Leading for morale và resilience: Maintaining team và individual wellbeing’.

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27-May-2020: tác giả và expert Tom Sherrington explored core principles for restarting teaching in September.

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The best CPD experience I have had so far during this lochồng down! I would highly recommover #CPDConnectUp for future sessions. The best thing was feeling connected. Thank you

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