Pho gia truyen @ 49 bat dan (old quarter), hanoi

“"Hungry & jet-lagged in Hanoi, I"m up at dawn for a long-simmered pho bo beef noddle soup, the most restorative sầu meal in town." –Peter Jon Lindberg”

– Condé Nast Traveler

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Lonely Planet
"The perfect broth for pho (rice-noodle soup) should look as though it was ladled from the river."Full review
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"Half of Hanoi queues up for a seat, while others slurp their soup perched on motorbikes outside."Full review

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"When it comes khổng lồ street food, Hanoians don"t go in for much ostentation và the eating area here is decidedly prosaic; just a few communal tables under a couple of bare lightbulbs. What..."Full review

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